New Year's Resolutions

Interview with Olivia McClellan talking about ways to set yourself up for success when it comes to sticking with your New Year's resolutions. Lots of us set goals, but often we don't sick with them much past the month of January. Being able to create SMART goals will help you to actually stick with your goals and hopefully make those changes you have dreamed about for years. 

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Enjoy Your Thanksgiving In A Healthy Way

Interview with Debbie Knox discussing some of the challenges with Thanksgiving and navigating this meal in a healthy way. If there is a part of your Thanksgiving feast that you don't love, don't feel pressured to eat that food item. Make sure to not only watching your portion sizes of dessert and alcohol, but also making sure you are handling your left-overs in a healthy way. Food safety is key this time of year. This is so important to ensure you have safe and healthy holiday season. 

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How Much Candy Is Too Much?

Interview for CBS4 talking about how much candy your child should or shouldn't be consuming on Halloween. We all love this time of year with the sweet treats that come our way, but we also need to keep in mind that we need to watch our portions and space out our sweet treats! Enjoy this time dressing up and walking outdoors with your family. Take this trick-or-treating to move more and walk off some of those extra calories.

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Healthier Thanksgiving Meal

Interview with Debbie Knox about ways to be healthier this Thanksgiving. Discussed being active, watching your portion sizes and how much American's really eat on Thanksgiving Day. You can enjoy the Thanksgiving staples of potatoes, stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce and pie, but make sure to incorporate some other vegetables and watch your portions.

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Navigating the Indiana State Fair in a Healthy Way

Interview with Debbie Knox about the Indiana State Fair and trying to make healthy choices while enjoying fair food. It can be challenging, but taking a little time to watch what you are eating can help you maintain your health goals and feel good about your food choices. Keep these simple tips in mind as you head out to the fair this year: Share your food with a friend (this will help you eat less), Take time to walk around (great opportunity to get in some exercise), Drink plenty of water (stay hydrated and avoid sugary beverages) and Look for healthier options (look for grilled foods versus fried). 

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