Fresh Food Vending Machines

Interview with Brett Kast about a new vending machine that will be popping up around Indianapolis, called Farmer’s Fridge. This is a Chicago based company who brings healthy, fresh foods to vending machines around Chicago and now Indianapolis. If you are curious about the product, check out their website HERE. The write up by Brett can be found by CLICKING HERE. If you are in Indianapolis and see one of these vending machines, you should definitely check it out!

School Lunches Challenges

Interview with Tanae Howard discussing a parent’s concern regarding their child’s school lunch options. The challenge that school corporations face is one with funding and trying to feed all the children on a tight budget. There are grant programs and other avenues to bring in additional dollars to assist schools with providing “healthy” options but that takes extra work and doesn’t always happen.

Accomplishing Your New Year's Resolutions

It is that time of again. Time to set goals for yourself and hopefully you will be able to accomplish them. I have some tips and tricks to help set you up for success this year and help you stick with those New Year's Resolutions you have made. It is tough to get in a new habit and make a change, but writing down your goals can help with that process and hopefully keep you track past the month of January. 

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FDA's Qualified Health Claim for Peanuts

Interview with Tanae Howard talking about the first ever FDA qualified health claim in regards to food allergies. The number of people with peanut allergies can increased 450% from 2007 to 2016. This statement released by the FDA is based on a study in 600 high risk infants in the UK. This is the ground breaking, to possibly decrease the incidence of peanut allergies to children exposure to peanut protein powder earlier in life.

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Coconut Craze

Interview with Tanae Howard about the coconut crazy and how it isn't as healthy as most consumers think. Lots of people (72%) would say that coconut oil is healthy compared with 37% of health professionals. The American Heart Association has come out with a statement saying that no one should consume coconut oil due to the high amount of saturated fat. Since this oil is be discouraged then what are some good other options? Choosing other plant based oils are better heart healthy alternatives. 

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Food-Borne Illnesses

Interview with Angela Ganote about the dangers of foods that may cause food-borne illnesses. Since food-borne illness has routinely been in the news, being aware of how to protect yourself is important. Make sure to wash your produce, cook meat to the appropriate temperature, and avoid cross contamination. If you want some more information check out my blog as well! 

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2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans 

Interview with Fachon Stinger about the newly released Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This is the first time that the guidelines have given a specific value to the amount of recommended sugar Americans should be consuming - no more than 10% of your total calories. These guidelines are to suppose to help guide health professionals in working with the public and help make everyone healthier. 

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FDA gives recommendations about added sugar

Interview with Fachon Stinger about a statement from the FDA regarding recommendations for added sugar. The FDA wants Americans to limit their added sugar consumption to only 10% of their total calories. Currently Americans are averaging 13-14% of their total calories coming from added sugar. 

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How much Saturated Fat should you have?

Interview with Fachon Stinger about new research from Harvard regarding saturated fats. Talked about the difference between saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Research from Harvard focused on when people remove the saturated fat from their diet what they replace that fat with. Lots of people reach for processed carbohydrates and this isn't the best for heart health. Discussed from healthier recommendations. 

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Food Expiration Dates

Interview with Fachon Stinger about Food Expiration Dates and what that means in terms of the food in your refrigerator. Discussed the difference between expiration and use by dates. Also talked about the new Food Keeper application (from the USDA) that is available on Apple and Android devices to help you know when the best time period is the consume or use the food you purchase. To check out more on this topic there is a Blog Post up on some tips to keep your food fresh and delicious! 

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Healthier Chocolate  

Interview with Fachon Stinger about Healthier Chocolate and what some new research from the University of Ghana talked about regarding the antioxidant content of cocoa pods. This process allows the cocoa pods to rest prior to roasting, which creates a sweeter and higher antioxidant levels.This could mean a better healthier chocolate product for consumers. 

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Homemade Baby Food 

Interview with Ray Cortopassi about Salt Awareness Week and looking at the amount of sodium added to processed baby foods. Provided some homemade baby food recipes for people to check out from the American Heart Association - CLICK HERE.

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Indiana's Health Statistics 

Interview with Tanea Howard about some recently released health statistics for the state of Indiana. Talking about what this means for Hoosiers and shows how we are doing as a state in combatting the obesity epidemic. 

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Pros and Cons of Popular Weight Loss Options 

Angela Answers segment with Angela Ganote talking about weight loss diets. This is a popular topic of discussion especially with the start of a new year. Everyone is wanting to get healthy and in shape. I prefer to think about being healthy as a lifestyle and not just a "diet." 

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Eating Too Much Protein?

Morning segment with Kristen Kane talking about protein intake. This can be overwhelming when you head to the grocery store because so many times we hear that we need more protein in our diets. Most Americans are getting enough protein and need to focus more on eating a well balanced diet. Remember, everything in moderation. 

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