Navigating the Grocery

Grocery shopping. It is something that we all do. We may all go to different stores, but each week we all head out and purchase food to eat. Most of the time grocery stores are set up in a similar fashion. I liked this diagram (see below); because, I thought it was a great visual to help you navigate the grocery. 

Most the time the outside (or parameter) of the store is where you want to stay. Along the outside of the store, you will find the produce, meat and dairy items. In the aisles of the grocery store, you will commonly find processed foods, frozen foods and packaged food items. Choosing to stay on the parameter of the grocery store is going to help you purchase more fresh produce, meat items and dairy choices. Then you can take these food items home and prepare delicious meals. 

To get ready for your grocery store trip, take a few minutes and plan your meals for a week. Take the time to find some new recipes and write down the ingredients you will need to purchase. Taking time to plan menus will help ensure that you eat at home and hopefully help you eat healthier. When you head to the store, remember to take a list with you. Only purchase the food items you have on your list. This will help you to save money and avoid buying unhealthy food options. 

Have fun as you head out to the grocery this week. Remember stay along the parameter of the store and try some new foods as you cook meals at home!