Healthy Habits

This is the time of year when healthy habits seem to fly out the window. The weather is cold, it is dark early in the evening and we are all busy running around getting ready for Christmas. Amongst all of this craziness it is important to try to keep up with some of those healthy habits that will keep you feel better about yourself. 

Prioritize Your Fitness:

This is what I wanted to focus on and encourage you ... stick with a fitness routine. Don't let this lapse. There will be days due to travel or family obligations that you may not be able to do your normal workout routine, but make a point the day before or after to be active. There are lots of fun runs that happen around this time of year. Sign up for one near you and get out and move! If you enjoy the gym and haven't been in awhile, pack up your gym bag and head over after work today. If you have exercise equipment in our house, then change your clothes and go use it. The perk to being active during the holidays is that it allows you to consume additional calories and then will help to prevent extra weight gain during this time of year. You will feel better about yourself as well and this is worth it. All of us need to feel good about how we look and feel and simply taking some time to be active can help in your confidence level. 

Navigate the "Holiday Treats" in Moderation: 

I think the most challenging part of making healthy food choices over the holidays is the food. There is so much of it and a lot of it is "special" and not what we normally consume. I am not saying that you can't have some of your holiday favorites, but watch the portion and space those cookies out. If you find having these treats in your house is too tempting, make sure to keep them in a storage space, which is off the counter. Try to get these tempting goodies out of your house as soon as possible. Give them away and then you will not have to deal with the on going temptation from now until Christmas. If you feel adventurous you can work to make some "healthier" swaps in those recipes. This may take some practice, but could make your favorite treats a little more friendly for your waist line. 

Make the Holiday about the People: 

This time of year, is about giving back and the people we interact with. This is the main focus. I know it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget about time with family and friends. Enjoy this time with your loved ones and make this the main focus. Try not to stress about the decorations, the cleaning, the cooking or the gifts. Decreasing your own stress level is good in terms of helping to keep you healthy. 

Enjoy this festive time of year and hopefully the end of year will come to a close on a positive note!