The Power of Yoga

I love yoga. I have been doing yoga since I worked at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis back in 2010. That was my first real exposure to a yoga class and I liked it. It was quite challenging and I am not flexible, but I loved the way that I felt afterwards. I felt like the "kinks" were all working out in my body. I know that sounds kind of silly, but it was true. Now that I have learned more about yoga I am convinced that it is helpful in restoring balance, flexibility and decreasing stress levels. As we all are aging our bodies are breaking down and we are becoming less flexible. Older people tend to be prone to falling or having back pain. All of this is due to not taking care of your body. Yoga helps to restore that physical balance and flexibility which can be very helpful. There was an article that was published on the NIH (National Institutes of Health) website about Americans who practice yoga report a better well being. 80% of people doing yoga reported lower stress levels. 2/3 of these yoga participants also were more motivated to exercise.

If you are new to yoga or never tried it before then I encourage you join a class or get on YouTube and try some poses out. I absolutely love the channel Yoga with Adriene. She has great videos and this Yoga Beginners Video is great if you are just starting out. 

If you have been wondering about trying to work more yoga into your life I would encourage you to do a series of yoga classes or YouTube videos. Doing a little bit each day is a great way to increase your flexibility, decrease your stress and create a healthy habit. I highly recommend Yoga Camp with Adriene. 

Take the time this week and pull out your mat and do some yoga. Start slow and just work out the kinks and reduce that stress. You can even do yoga with your loved ones or your animals. Einstein is a huge fan of yoga and loves stretching out after a long day. Enjoy! 

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