Eating Healthy on the Run

With the summer starting to wrap up and school gearing up in next few weeks, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at some tips to eating healthy on the run.  We are all busy with the craziness of school schedules, evening activities and our jobs, it can be nice to have a plan to keeping your health and wellness on track! 

  1. Meal Planning
    • Take time to set out a meal plan for the week. Pick a day, the same time each week for this menu planning.
    • Make a grocery list and stick with it. 
    • Keep the MyPlate in mind for meals.
  2. Have Go To Snacks
    • Purchase individual snacks or bag up your own. 
    • Stick with the portioned sized snack product. 
    • Toss the snacks in your bag, car or purse so you have them when you get hungry.
  3. Do NOT Skip Lunch
    • Even if you are busy, grab a bite to eat. 
    • Pack a healthy lunch the night before or pick something healthy up from the cafe. 
    • If you wait to eat you will be famished later. 
  4. Brew Your Own Coffee/Tea
    • If you want to save $$$, make your favorite beverage at home. 
    • You can control the additive (cream, sugar) and this can = less calories. 
    • Get a a good thermos and take  your favorite beverage with you. 
  5. Follow the 3-P's
    • Plan - Create a menu plan for the week. Find quick and easy recipes online. Save these recipes and create a cycling menu. 
    • Purchase - Shop when you are NOT hungry to avoid buying unhealthy foods. Stick with your list. 
    • Prepare - Plan to take the time to cut up your produce when you get home and cook meals on the weekends to take as lunches throughout the week.