Cool Off With These Summer Treats

It is that time of year where the sun is shining, the temperature is creeping up and you want to find ways to cool off. I know that this time of year I like to come up with refreshing snack ideas to help beat the heat. These recipes are kid friendly as well, so grab your youngster and give them a try! 

Frozen Fruit 

There are so many different fruit items that you can freeze. You may have heard of freezing your grapes. That is a easy and delicious treat. Simply wash the grapes, dry them and then place them in the freezer. They are so cold and refreshing. You can also freeze watermelon slices. Cut your watermelon, remove the rind and then place in the freezer. This is super easy and totally delicious. This is a great alternative to a popsicle. Don't get me wrong, you can still enjoy a popsicle, but this will be a healthier option.

Fruit Pizza

Start with your crust. This can be anything ... a tortilla, pita or flatbread. You can choose a whole wheat version for a healthy twist. Then top with your "sauce" which in this case is a yogurt. Pick your favorite flavor, plain, vanilla or flavored. Then top with whatever toppings you think sounds good. You can add nuts (almonds), sliced fruit (kiwi, apples, bananas), any type of berry or grape, coconut, chocolate chips or granula. The list can go on and on. Then enjoy! Making your own fruit pizza can be that simple! This can make a great snack or even part of your meal.

Fresh Veggie Salad

This is a great recipe for a summer, vegetable salad, because you can add whatever produce you have available. Don't feel like you have to follow the recipe. Use veggies that you like and you think sound good together. I love this dish because it uses beans as the protein source, which is cheap and delicious. This is also a colorful salad. Keep that in mind as you are choosing what veggies you want to include. Reach for items that are colorful. Aim to eat the rainbow! 

Grilled Veggie Kabobs

I am a sucker for grilled vegetables. It is my favorite way to eat veggies in the summer time. I love how fresh they are and now over cooked when on the grill. This Kabob recipe looks amazing. It uses corn, sausage, green peppers, onions. These veggies are coated in Italian dressing and then sprinkle mustard powdered over them. This is a fun way to spice up your grilled vegetables and try something new. 

Hopefully you are able to try some of these tasty treats this summer. Find some new recipes and try to my food. There is so much fresh produce that will be in season and tastes delicious this time of year! Happy Cooking!