Fit Life

In the craziness of life sometimes finding time to exercise is tough. Not only is a tough at times it feels impossible. There is no way between the meal preparation, laundry, dishes, dog walking and working if there time to lace up your tennis shoes and fit in a work out. 

Well I wanted to provide some encouragement for you. Living a healthy life = making healthy choices each and every day. This could be an overwhelming statement or you can look at as an opportunity to have a "do over." If you had a really rough week at work and lacked the motivation to exercise then focus on trying to make time the next day. For example, I had a crazy week at work last week. There were 100 NICU babies in our unit and I have several meetings. I was very stressed and totally lacked any motivation to work out. I decided that the next day was a new day and I needed to make some time for my own health. I took the next evening to fit in a short run and combined that with running to the grocery store and picking up some essentials. I knew that if I wanted to decrease the amount of stress I was feeling I needed a short run and I had to go to the grocery anyways so combining those two activities was perfect. It was not a super long, intense exercise session, but it was just what I needed. 

2017-09-02 09.54.28.jpg

That is the perfect example of living a healthy lifestyle. It comes down to the decisions you make each day. It it your perspective/outlook of making that priority. I knew that for my own outlook on life I needed to take that time for myself and obtain some endorphins. Endorphins are amazing when it comes to changing your outlook on life and making you feeling instantly better. 

I wanted to share this article with you that I came across in the New York Times. It talks about the health of parents and how that influences their children. I learned this in school, but it was great to have some more research in the media talking about parents' health and how it relates to their child's health. So we know that overweight mothers lead to larger babies and than can translate to larger children later in life. Father's weight can have an impact on the environment the child grows up in and can lead to having an overweight child. If you want a link to this article - CLICK HERE. 

I just wanted to share that with you to encourage you to stick with making those healthy choices. It is so important for your own health, but also for your children. You owe it to yourself and your child to offer plenty of fruit/vegetables with meals, exercise regularly and demonstrate those healthy habits in your home. I know it is tough and with the craziness of the work week, but each day you have that chance to make healthy choices. You can do it!