Realities of Life

Being a Mom is hard. It is a full time job and it is definitely the most rewarding thing I have done, but it takes a lot of energy. If you pair that with working another job full time it leaves you not that much time to pause and think about things. I love my day job and I love my child. I couldn't imagine now life without either occupation. 

I have also being working on a variety of side projects and to be honest I now feel that I am very overwhelmed with everything. I think I said "yes" to several opportunities and now life has shifted a little and that has made for a crazy next couple of months. I am determined to do all these projects to the best of my ability, but I think I might be maxed out when it comes to taking on anything else at the moment. I have decided that I need to devote some serious time to a few of these side projects so that I really focus on getting some quality writing done. I have do some editing on a chapter of a book that I co-authored as well as writing an article for a pediatric nutrition publication. These are all neat things, but I really need some creative time to focus on them. 

I decided to finally take my Mom up on an offer my son, William over night. I know that might not seem like a lot, but we have never spent a night apart and he is 1.5 years old. This is just reality of life. With so much going on I really need some help and that involves giving me a day to work on side projects. I was hoping to use that day to do writing, but I realized that I am going to be teaching a workshop that day instead, which is still a great thing to do and I am excited for the opportunity to do more with RD Anna, LLC. 

Some times with the realities of life you need help. Raising a child or children takes a village, especially if you want to continue to stay engaged with your career and continue to to be the best Mom you can be. I just wanted to encourage you that it is ok to ask for help and that doesn't make you any less of a Mom.