Final Stretch of Pregnancy

It is crazy to think that I have 4 weeks left of being pregnant and then we will be meeting our newest family member. I am 36 weeks pregnant currently and we are totally in that home stretch. It has been amazing how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. Yes, that first trimester was rough at times and the days dragged by, but overall we have been so thankful for a healthy, easy, boring pregnancy. That is such a relief, because working in a NICU can easily leave you worried and totally anticipating the abnormal.

I feel like I did more blogging about my first pregnancy, but I also think it was really helpful to talk through that process and get to share what I was learning with you all. This time I feel like I was continuing on with my life and just happened to be pregnant. It was much less a big deal, but in a positive way. If you missed some of the posts you can catch up on Baby Busenburg #2s’s arrival by reading the following posts below.

Blogging about Baby Busenburg #2

Looking back over the last 8 months has made me appreciate my health, the health of our baby and having a wonderful family who love and support us. It was rough that first trimester to have a “surprise” and finding out we were expecting and working through those emotions. Then the nausea and fatigue is tough with a toddler running around. Thankfully those symptoms really only lasted through that first 12 weeks and then going into the second trimester I felt better and got my energy back. It was fun to be in that stage of pregnancy, because I didn’t feel super pregnant and was able to resume all my normal activities. I was so thankful for a smooth and boring second trimester. As we moved into that third trimester, I definitely started feeling more pregnant earlier. I have had some sciatica pain for awhile and just felt large and in charge for weeks. It has all been manageable, but I was eager to get back to some prenatal yoga in the last few weeks of this pregnancy. Now that we have the last month left, I know things will continue to be uncomfortable, but I know we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of this wonderful second child and we can’t wait to meet him!

In these last final weeks of being a family of three + the dog … I really want to appreciate the time we have with just William and let him know how much he is loved. It is going to rock his world to become a big brother, but I think it will be a positive change. We do have plans to attend Daniel Tiger LIVE up at Elliot Hall in Lafayette and I think that will be a special thing to get to do with him. I also want to be able to include him with cooking and just get to soak up all that one on one time that we will have over the next 4 weeks.

There are lots of things that I want to work on finishing up before baby comes, including laundry and getting a spot in our room set up for the little guy. I also have lots of things with work that I want to try to wrap up before being away for about 7 weeks. I am also still doing work with Mini Minds on the side and I am actually planning on trying to use some of my maternity to getting somethings planned out for 2019 and growing that business further.