Licensed Registered Dietitians in Indiana

Super exciting news to share. This has been years in the making (like over 15 years worth of lobbying and hard work of RDNs who have come before me), but Registered Dietitians are now going to be required to be licensed in the state of Indiana! This is exciting news and here’s why. All RDNs in the clinical setting are required to be licensed, but this will change for the whole state that are RDNs will need licensure to practice in the state. This cost per year will also remain the same. It is $20 a year for this license and then requires 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years. To view the requirements for licensure CLICK HERE.

Why does licensure matter? When it comes to advocating for your profession, having a license matters, because it serves as a way for the state to track and monitor how many RDNs there are practicing within that state. Those numbers can be used to advocating for billing and order writing privileges for RDNs are well. If all the RDNs are licensed and tracked by the state and shows a true representation of RDNs available to see clients/patients within the state. It always helps our profession to be taken more seriously when it comes to reimbursement for billed services from insurance companies as well. That is something that I think all RDNs can support, more reimbursement!

Another important piece to advocating for RDNs in the state of Indiana is obtaining your NPI number. What is a NPI number? NPI stands for National Provider Identifier number. This is a registry number that the state uses to see how many RDNs there are practicing/working in Indiana. Even if you don’t work in outpatient and aren’t using your NPI number for billing you should have one. Any RDN in the state is eligible to apply and get a NPI number. This number has nothing to do with where you work, it is tied to you as a RDN and serves as a personal identification number.

So how do you fill out an application for a NPI number? CLICK HERE for a link to the application online that you can set up and then submit. It is super easy and doesn’t take that long. Having a NPI number gives RDNs lobbying power and show how many of us there are when it comes to nutrition legislation. All MDs must have an NPI number. Requiring these identification numbers shows a true representation of the number of medical professionals in each area and can serve as a platform for lobbying efforts.

So if you know any other RDNs make sure to congratulate them on this exciting milestone! It is definitely worth celebrating. If you are a RDN and don’t have an NPI number yet, make sure you take the 15-30 minutes to fill out the application and get that identification number! Also mark your calendar to come to the CIAND celebration on July 1st!