Teal Pumpkins

Halloween is on Saturday. That means there will be lots of sweet treats being purchased and given to children dressed in costumes. For most kids this is a super fun event that they look forward to all fall, but for others it can be a stressful time. For kids with food allergies it can be overwhelming and kind of disappointing that they can't eat all the candy that other kids are eating. 

For the last couple of years there has been a push to have people give out non-food treats for children with food allergies. The Teal Pumpkin Campaign has been raising awareness about food allergies and encouraging families to put out a teal pumpkin if they have non-food related treats to pass out. The Food Allergy and Research Education (FARE) organization has some great recommendations on their website for non-food treats. 

  • Glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces 
  • Pencile, pens, crayons or markers 
  • Bubbles 
  • Halloween erasers or pencil toppers 
  • Mini slinkies 
  • Whistles, kazoos or noisemakers 
  • Bouncy balls 
  • Finger puppets or novelty toys 
  • Spider rings 
  • Vampire fangs
  • Stickers 

For more great idea make sure to check out their website and read up on what you can do to help provide safe Halloween treats for kids in your neighborhood. So paint a pumpkin teal or put  up this sign and make a kids night by passing out special treats for kids with food allergies!