Healthier July 4th Weekend

This weekend is July 4th! Can you believe it. That means lots of time with friends & family, cooking out, fireworks, yummy desserts and time off from work. With any holiday, this can some times be stressful if you are trying to eat healthy. I have some tips for you to help you make this July 4th a delicious and healthy one! 

  • Don't skip a meal. Often times, people like to skip a meal if they know they will be eating a large meal later in the day. Don't do this! You need to make sure that you eat 3 meals a day and you don't need to skip a meal. People who do skip meals, tend to over-indulge when they finally do sit down to eat. They also tend to be more grouchy leading up to that meal, because their blood sugar may go low. If you know the picnic/party you are headed to might not have healthy options, bring something with you or have a healthy snack before you leave your house. 
  • Pick a smaller plate. When you head to the picnic or party try to pick a smaller plate to load up with food. It has been found that people tend to eat less without noticing if they are using a smaller plate. This could help you consumer 50% fewer calories at that meal. 
  • Choose the "healthier" food first. After you have picked up your smaller plate, make sure you choose the healthier foods to put on that plate first. Start with a salad or delicious grilled vegetables. Some times there are fruit salads or fruit trays available. Reach for those fresh options first. The goal is fill your plate with 1/2 fruits/vegetables. 
  • Be active. The weather sounds like it is going to be lovely on July 4th so make sure you get outside and run around! This would be as simple as going on a walk with your dog, playing football with your kids or playing corn hole at the cook out. If you are going to an event like Carmel Fest you will have lots of time to walk again and work off some of those calories you have eaten. Find was to be active throughout the holiday weekend. 

Have a wonderful and save 4th of July. Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine. Stay healthy and have fun!