Restaurant Food versus Fast Food

Well guess what ... restaurant food is just as unhealthy as fast food. To some of you that might be shocking news. I think we all like to think that because we are paying more and sitting down at a meal we expect that meal to be better for us. That is not always the case. Research from the University of Illinois was released this month and it was talking about a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. They found that Americans eating out, at a sit down restaurant or a fast food restaurant, are still consuming 200 calories more per day compared to eating at home. To read a summary of this article - CLICK HERE.

So let's take a look at a couple of restaurants up close and personal ... 

Olive Garden - 1 serving of salad, 1 breadstick and a plate of the fettucine alfredo pasta = 780 calories, 45.5g fat and 1650mg of sodium

McDonald's - 1 McChicken sandwich with 1 medium fry = 710 calories, 33g fat and 840mg sodium 

McAlister's Deli - 1 veggie Spud with light sour cream, side of fruit and cole slaw = 820 calories, 38g fat and 1230mg sodium 

Subway - 6 inch spicy italian sandwich on 9-grain wheat bread with a bag of Lay's baked chips = 610 calories, 26g fat and 1690mg sodium 

Eating at home is clearly the best option, but if you do enjoy eating out or have to on vacation this summer, make sure to watch your portion sizes. Think about it. The burger at McDonald's versus the burger at Red Robin are very different. The Red Robin burger is huge in comparison and is going to contain more fat, sodium and overall calories compared with the McDonald's burger. Be mindful of the portion of food that you are ordering and remember you can always save part of that meal for later.