Motivational Monday

I wanted to write a blog post about motivation and try to encourage you to get up, get moving and meet your goals. What do you want to accomplish this week? How are you going to meet those goals you have set for yourself? 

  1. Put together a list of the things you need to get done this week. Each week I make out a list of the things I need to get done at work and in my personal life. These things are items that I need to get done and it serves as a reminder to me of what my priorities are. It is so easy to get off track and lose focus. My husband had to remind me to this last week and encourage me to stay on task and get my work done quickly and well so when I come home I am not stressing about work.
  2. Re-evaluate that list on Wednesday. Taking some time to look at how you are doing on your task list part way through the week can be helpful. You might find that you ahead of schedule or behind. Then after your re-evaluate your progress you can decide if you need to buckle down or maybe you do something fun and take a break for a moment to reward yourself.
  3. Once you have accomplished the tasks on your list, celebrate! At the end of week, take a look at how well you did with your task list. Is everything done? Did you meet your goals for the week? If so, then great! Do something special for yourself. Last week after charting on ALL of my patients by Friday, I took the time to leave work a little early and I stopped by Target on my way home. It is a nice treat to do something fun as a reward for all the long hours I had put in earlier in the week. If you haven't met all the goals on your list then take a moment and see what needs to get done right away and maybe some of those things can get push to next week.