Exploring St Louis

We had the opportunity to explore St Louis a few weekends ago. We took an extended weekend trip down to St Louis, Missouri, which happens to be about 5 hours from our home in Indianapolis. We decided to head to St Louis to meet up with some friends for the weekend who live in Mississippi. It was so great to get away and get to spend time with some amazing friends. This was also William's (my 4 month old son) longest car ride to date. 

We had a wonderful weekend. Of course we took the time to eat at some delicious restaurants along the way. As you may remember, whenever we travel, you avoid all chain restaurants and only eat at local places. 

  • On our way out of Indiana we stopped in Terre Haute and ate lunch at Traverse Pie Company. It was amazing! I got a quiche and Chas ordered their pot pie. So delicious and of course the combos came with pie for dessert. Totally worth and such a delicious treat. I definitely recommend this spot if you find yourself on the west side of Indiana. 
  • When we arrived to St Louis we had to stop for some St Louis style pizza. Now if you aren't familiar with what that means - here are the qualifications ... a thin, cracker like crust, Provel cheese and sliced in squares (instead of triangular slices). There was a local pizza shop not far from our Airbnb. Pizza-A-Go-Go is in a cute neighborhood and has some delicious pizza. It is a small shop and only serves pizza. We had to wait awhile, but it was worth and such a tasty treat.
  • No trip to St Louis is complete with a stop at Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Well good thing we were staying just a block or two away from one of the locations. We walked there the first night in town and of course had to partake in yummy ice cream. It is always so delicious and quite a busy place to be.
  • For brunch on Saturday morning we went to the Mud House. It is a super cute cafe/coffee shop and had not only delicious coffee, but amazing food. It was very busy on a Saturday morning, but obviously being so popular is a good sign = good food! We really enjoyed the grits and I loved the huge bowl of fruit that I got. It was a little expensive, but we thought it was worth the cost. 
  • One of our excursions on Saturday was to the Anheuser Busch St Louis plant location. We went on a tour of the Brewery and had a chance to enjoy a beverage afterwards. None of us had been there before and it was a activity for a cold/rainy afternoon. 
  • For dinner on Saturday evening we ended up getting hotdogs. I know that sounds lame, but they were quite yummy. Steve's Hotdogs were awesome! I am not a huge hotdog fan, but these were made from quality ingredients and had some unique toppings. It worked out well for the boys to go get them and bring the back to the Airbnb for us to enjoy. 
  • Sunday morning was filled with church and then saying our good byes to Joshua and Angela. Then before we hit the road back to Indiana we had lunch at a cute cafe with some amazing brunch food. You may have noticed a theme that we love brunch. 

Overall we had an amazing trip and really enjoyed the chance to get away for a weekend and enjoy time with friends. This was our first big trip with a baby and it went great. The Airbnb we stayed at was lovely and we enjoyed having good food and time with some amazing friends. If you find yourself in St Louis any time soon, check out some of these local eateries and enjoy your time exploring an amazing city!