Motivational Monday

Some times I feel like I am just treading water in life. Between work and then things at home and trying to fit in time to exercise and prepare lunches for the next day ... my day is over and I am left getting some sleep before starting the cycle all over again. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Motivational Posters to help gear you up for a great week. 

What do you do during your week to help you be successful? I have learned that everything for the next day needs to be packed and ready to go the night before. With the diaper/bottle bag for the baby, lunch boxes for Chas and myself and then my pump bag along with my work bag ... there is SO much stuff to keep track of. Staying organized is so important to making sure that everyone has everything they need for the day. Lots of nights I would rather just go lay on the sofa, but I know that getting things ready for the next day will make the morning routine go so much smoother. Being a working Mom makes your life crazy, but it is worth the hassle. That is what I keep telling myself ... especially on Mondays.