Trip to Chattanooga, TN

This week I had very limited time to work on a blog post. It has been a crazy week. I have been at work so much trying to get a new system up and working in our formula room. It was been nuts. We had been on a short vacation time to Chattanooga, TN over the holiday weekend and that was amazing. Coming back to a weird week at work after a vacation is rough stuff.  

I thought it would be fun to write up a little bit about our trip to Chattanooga and then talk about some of the new places where we ate. We had a fun trip down to Tennessee. We were able to leave early in the morning on Friday and then came back on Monday. It was a 6.5 hour drive from our house to Chattanooga. We took William and our dog, Einstein. It is always an adventure traveling with a toddler and a dog. Thankfully the dog is easy to travel with, it is the toddler who can be crazy. 

We were able to get at almost all local restaurants. That is a fun thing that we try to do whenever we travel, eat at only local places. We did stop by two fast food restaurants because you that is life when you travel. 

Embargo 62 - This was a great cuban restaurant in Chattanooga, not far from our Airbnb. I have been to a Cuban restaurant in Indianapolis, but have limited experience with Cuban food. This was amazing. We got sandwiches and they were yummy! They came with fried bananas and it was delicious. We definitely recommend this place!

2018-05-25 14.23.56.jpg

Edley’s BBQ - This BBQ restaurant was also near where we stayed and it was soooo good. I think this was the best meal we had the whole weekend. I got their brisket tacos and they were amazing. I loved the slaw that was on top and the meat was smoked and just contained so much flavor. I am sure there are lots of good BBQ places, but this one was definitely top notch in our opinion. 

The Daily Ration - This was the brunch spot we went on Sunday and I struggled to only pick one thing on the menu. There were so many amazing choices, from sweet to savory it was all so delicious and presented beautifully. I got the coconut chai bowel and shared that with William along with a breakfast sandwich. Chas got the Kimchi rice bowel and he ate the whole thing. It was a hit. 

2018-05-27 11.05.28.jpg

Milk and Honey - This was a super cute coffee shop and restaurant. They had so many different food and drink options. There was something on this menu that everyone would enjoy. Their signature, Milk and Honey latte was quite good and we got some other amazing brunch items the day we headed out of town. Definitely two thumbs up! 

2018-05-28 08.37.29.jpg

We ended up ordering some food from other restaurants and had it delivered to our Airbnb houes. Sometimes with children it is just nice to eat at home and not always be in a restaurant. These places were definitely some of our favorite food spots. 

We also took the time to go to a couple of fun places. We went to Lula Lake, which is a land preserve on Lookout Mountain. It was amazing. We hiked and got to see a beautiful water fall. We also took a tram up Lookout Mountain and that was fun to be able to see all above the city. One afternoon we walked into downtown, across the river from our house. It was a fun-filled weekend with out friends Joshua, Angela and their son Henry. We loved out time in Chattanooga and if you want a fun place to go that isn’t too far away, check it out! 

2018-05-26 11.35.17.jpg