Always Say "Yes!"

Over the last 7 years of being a dietitian and then really for as long as I can remember, I have worked to be say "yes" to all the opportunities that come my way. I have my parents to thank for this life lesson. They were always encouraging me to try new things and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. 


Not long ago, I was talking with a dietetic intern about interviewing for a job. We were discussing potential interview questions and then also about different types of jobs. I was passing along some words of wisdom and the take away from the conversation was "say yes to every opportunity that comes your way." As I reflect on that statement, I think that is SO true. 

Over the years I have had some amazing opportunities. I have been a clinical dietitian for the last 7 years, meaning that I work in a hospital, but I have worked hard to do other community-based nutrition projects as well. I have felt that need to serve as a nutrition expert for my community as well as the babies that I see on a daily basis. In both of my jobs, I have worked with the media and done TV/Radio/Newspaper interviews about various nutrition topics. Obviously, since you are reading this on my blog, you have probably clicked over to my Media Portfolio page and see those videos. I have really enjoyed doing media work and incorporating that into my clinical dietetics job. Every nutrition media spot opportunity that comes my way ... I always say yes. I have had to turn down 1 interview in the last 7 years, because I was not in the office and there was no way I could get there. I was out of town, but otherwise I work so hard to be available and take advantage of those opportunities. 

I have had some other neat opportunities come my way including being involved in writing test questions for a national board exam. The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics has specialty exams for RDs to take and there is a new one that will be available in September of 2018 for PICU and NICU RDs. I applied and was chosen to be on the committee that wrote those test questions. It was such a neat process and honestly such a fun learning experience. I totally applied on a whim and I am so glad that I took that chance and said "yes" to that opportunity. 

I wanted to share these comments with you to help encourage you to work on "always saying yes!" There are so many things in life that can make us nervous, apprehensive or hesitant. Often times the one thing in life that is really holding us back is ourselves. If you have a neat opportunity come your way and you are torn on whether or not to take it ... think about it, but I encourage you to say "yes!" You can figure out how to make it work in your life and I have never said "yes" to an opportunity and then regretted it. It has always been a positive experience and one that helped me become a better person and help others.