30 Things I Have Learned Over 30 years

So it is official I turned 30 years old on Friday. That is crazy! I remember turning 21 years old and thinking, "wow, 30 is so long from now!" I also had crazy ideas about what I would be doing when I was 30 years old. I have to say that I am happy with how things have turned out, but it is crazy to hit that big milestone. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of things that I have learned over the last 30 years. With age comes wisdom, right?! So here are some of my thoughts about turning 30! 


30 Things I Have Learned Over 30 Years

  1. My faith. This is important. I feel like this walk with the Lord has gone through ups/downs, but His continual love for me has continued to teach me how to work to love those around me. 
  2. Have a person. My husband, Chas, has been my rock over the last 11 years. It is amazing how much having that support person in your life helps get through the ups and downs of life. Whether it is a spouse, significant other or just a best friend .... find that person and never let them go.
  3. Age is just a number. I don't feel any older than when I was in my early 20s. I totally agree that age is just a number and I don't feel any older today, than yesterday.
  4. My confidence has grown. I feel like now I am finally confident in myself. It has taken awhile, but I know who I am, what I want out of life and that is a nice feeling.
  5. Care less about what other people think. I have worked hard to not worry about what people think of me. It can be hard, but I think that is a good goal to have - gain more confidence and worry less about other people's opinion of you. 
  6. I can do really hard things. I had a baby (without medication), I have run a marathon, I have supported my husband through graduate school and I have worked hard to excel at my job. 
  7. Stress relief matters. I use to think that I had a crazy life that was stressful. Little did I know that life just keeps getting more complicated and stressful. Finding ways to minimize that stress is so important. 
  8. Be thankful for the laundry and dishes. I have tried to be happy about the work around the house, because it means I have wonderful people there, living and messing things up. That is worth all the laundry! 
  9. I am still me. As the years tick by, I am still me. I am the same person, with hopes and dreams, those dreams have changed and matured, but I am still me. 
  10. I love dogs. I always knew I enjoyed having a dog around, but since Einstein has come into our lives ... I really love dogs. He is such a joy and I couldn't imagine life without him. 
  11. Love/hate relationship with cooking. I use to say I loved cooking, but as the years have gone by, it sometimes feels like a chore. I still work hard to prepare meals at home, but it is honestly not always my favorite thing to do. 
  12. I enjoy reading. I don't always find time to read books myself, but I am always making time to read to William and that is such a fun thing to do. 
  13. I love critical care nutrition. This is something that I never thought I would say, but the longer I spend in the NICU the more I like that challenge of critical care nutrition. 
  14. Thankful for friends. It is hard as you get older to maintain friendships, because those people are spread across the country or even if they are in the same state it is hard to make time to get together. I am thankful for those friends who work to stay in touch. That is something I want to continue to work on. 
  15. Enjoy the quiet moments. Our house isn't always quiet and so enjoying those still, quiet moments is so nice. 
  16. Take time to play. I have worked hard to try to be present with William and put down my phone, not worry about the dishes and just play with him in the evenings when we are home together. 
  17. Listen. I some times get caught up in the craziness with life and I don't slow down and listen. I have been trying to work hard at this and focus when Chas is talking to me and really hear what he is saying. 
  18. Say "Yes" to Experiences. I have always worked to always say "yes" to valuable experiences that come my way. I have been able to do lots of really neat things because I have been willing to say "yes." 
  19. Prioritize the battles. I have had a stressful year at my job. I have some difference of opinions with those around me and I have been working hard to prioritize what things are really important. It is easy to complain about everything, but focusing on the things you can actually change/influence has helped to keep me sane. 
  20. Time period dramas. I really love a good BBC show and that is one thing that I will do when I am cleaning the kitchen/packing lunches ... watch a good TV show. 
  21. Do everything during nap time. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you use your time wisely during nap time. I am just saying it is some times surprising. 
  22. Find new hobbies. This has been a struggle since becoming a mom. It has been hard to discover new things I want to do as hobbies. I think being exhausted has a way of taking over any “hobby” or fun thing you want to do. I am really trying to work on getting some new hobbies. 
  23. Never stop learning. This is a life lesson I have learned over and over again. You will never learn everything, but still work towards expanding your knowledge and be open to new ideas.
  24. Savor the moments. My Mom once told me that the hours might feel long, but the days go by quickly. That is true, just about life. I have been trying to savor and remember all of the moments and appreciate them.
  25. Always have coffee. You can never have too much coffee and it totally helps get ALL the things done. 
  26. Make a list. I am totally a list person. I make grocery list, lists at work for what I am doing that day and even what I want to accomplish on my days off. Having a plan helps in so many of life’s situations. Some times all the times get done on the list and sometimes they don’t, but that is ok. 
  27. I can’t control everything. I would love to say that over the last 30 years I have aquired that skill “to control things,” but that would not be true. Being able to know when to relinquish control is important. I am working on that skill and some days I do better than others.
  28. Must do ALL the dishes. I know this sounds silly, but I am totally like Monica from Friends ... I hate having a messy kitchen with dishes left in the sink. I really like to have things cleaned and organized for me to be able to relax. I am working on trying to let do of some of this OCD-ness, but I have embraced that part of me.
  29. Take time for others. I am not always the best at this, but I try to make time for friends and family ... even if it takes time away from my plans. People matter more than anything else and those relationships are so important.
  30. Have fun. My husband, Chas, had helped me really learn to let go and just have fun. He makes me laugh and has totally helped me to loosen up over the years. 

Well there ya go ... 30 things that I have learned over the last 30 years. It has been a crazy ride and I am so excited to see what this new decade has in store for me and my family. I have so much to be thankful for and I am so excited for all of the adventures that we will have. Thank you for being part of RD Anna and reading my blogs! I have really enjoyed being able to share my life with you all! 

First Birthday Party

It is hard to believe that we are now celebrating William's first birthday. It has been awhile since I have posted about William. I did several pregnancy posts throughout my pregnancy and then some breastfeeding and baby lead weaning posts over the last year. I wanted to take a moment and put together a fun post highlighting William's First Birthday. William was born on 12/23 and yes it is SUPER close to Christmas. We wanted him to have a separate birthday celebration and so we officially celebrated his birthday on 12/16. 

William Bday Party Invite without address.jpg

This party was mainly for use (William's parents), family and friends. William won't remember this party, but I know he will lose seeing the pictures when he is older. I wanted to do something fun and have this get together as a "thank you" for all the support from our amazing friends and family. 

Photo was from William's 12 month photo shoot we did with Karre Ann Photography in Noblesville, IN. 

Photo was from William's 12 month photo shoot we did with Karre Ann Photography in Noblesville, IN. 

So here are the party details. The theme - Dr Seuss! It kind of started with Cat in the Hat and expanded to include all Dr Seuss characters. We held the party at our house and there able to get some cupcakes made that we super cute. Shout out to Abby's Cakes for her amazing work. The menu included deviled eggs (green eggs/ham), cheese sticks (with the cat in the hat on them), relish tray, fruit salad, cheese ball. 

2017-12-16 14.00.55.jpg
2017-12-16 14.01.05.jpg

For the decorations we put up a wall decal of the Cat in the Hat that my Mom had used at a baby shower she hosted previously. It was great to have that to use again. I also got Dr Seuss books that we used on the table as decoration. I painted the letters "ONE" for some other decorations. We got a little Cat in the Hat plush toy to serve as a decoration. I also made the Christmas tree Dr Seuss themed. I had the ornaments all red, white and blue and then made some fabric embroidery hoops with Dr Seuss fabric on the inside.  

2017-12-16 14.00.44.jpg

I put together a few goody bags for the 3 kids that were able to come to party. I used blue bags with a hat on the front of them and filled them with some goodies (Dr Seuss pencils, stickers, playdough and snacks). It was an easy and fun way to send the kids home with some treats. 

It was such a great day to get together with family and friends and we have been so appreciative of everyone's love and support. It is so special to get to have William in our lives and get to celebrate him on this special first birthday. 

2017-12-16 14.51.10.jpg