Self Goals

What goals do you have for yourself? When was the last time that you took a moment and ask yourself that question? These goals can be personal goals, career goals, fitness goals, etc. I am a firm believer in always learning and moving towards a goal. We are on this earth for a short amount of time and I really believe strongly in leaving things better than before we found them. So that is what prompts me to ask you … what goals do you have for yourself.

Goals for 2019.jpg

For the last two years I have done a Year End Review here on my blog and you can see the 2018 Year End Review and then the 2017 Summary. I tried to put together a year end review looking at what I had done over the last 12 months. I think that is great and the start to another year is the perfect time to think ahead and reflect on the year past. But here at the end of May, start of June and the beginning of the summer … why not take a moment and look at yourself and see what goals you want to accomplish and what things have you maybe already done! I have decided to go through and make some sections and then list out things that I have been working on and things that I have accomplished already in 2019. Take the time to think through what categories you have and what goals you want to accomplish for yourself.

Personal Goals

  • Read a book. I know this sounds super simple, but I have such limited free time that I haven’t read many books for fun. I did take the time during my maternity to read the Rachel Hollis book, Girl Wash Your Face and it was fantastic. I really enjoy reading and loved take the time to read that book.

  • I would like to read another book for fun in 2019 … if you have any good suggestions, send them my way.

Career Goals

  • Present at FNCE in Philadelphia. This is happening and I have to admit this was such a crazy journey to make this presentation pitch and I am still over the moon that our proposal was chosen and I can’t wait to speak at FNCE!

  • Complete the Certified Lactation Counselor course. This training is happening in November and I am planning on attending that conference and taking that lactation exam so I can work more with mothers who are breast feeding and/or pumping.

  • Grow Mini Minds Nutrition Counseling. i have been working hard to try to grow some clients for Mini Minds and provide more outpatient nutrition counseling. I have worked with three families now and taught two classes. I would love to continue to do more so if you know anyone who would benefit from nutrition counseling, send them my way!

Fitness Goals

  • Run in at least one race in 2019. My sister is planning to come into town in August and we are going to run a race together! It is a 10K and so not super long, but that is fine, because training takes time and I seem to have limited hours in the day. I would love to commit to a half marathon, but I am not sure that realistic for 2019. I will see how getting back into running is going and maybe by spring of 2020 I will be ready to race 13.1 miles again.

  • See a Women’s Health PT. I need to schedule to see a women’s health PT and work on abs after having Samuel and then my pelvic floor strength again. I did this after William and it was worth all the time and money.

This isn’t a crazy long list of goals, but just somethings I have been thinking about and taking them time to write out these goals helps to increase your odds of accomplishing them. So take a moment and think about what you would like to accomplish for yourself, write down those goals and then set out to accomplish them!